OpenCppCoverage is an open source code coverage tool for C++ under Windows.

The main usage is for unit testing coverage, but you can also use it to know the executed lines in a program for debugging purpose.


  • Support optimized build (new).
  • Exclude a line based on a regular expression (new).
  • Non intrusive: Just run your program with OpenCppCoverage, no need to recompile your application.
  • Visual Studio support: Support compiler with program database file (.pdb).
  • Run as Visual Studio Plugin: See here for more information.
  • Low overhead.
  • Line coverage.
  • Jenkins support: See here for more information.
  • Coverage aggregation: Run several code coverages and merge them into a single report.
  • Child processes coverage.
  • HTML reporting:



  • Windows Vista or higher.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or higher all editions including Express edition. It should also work with previous version of Visual Studio.


You can simply run the following command:

OpenCppCoverage.exe --sources MySourcePath -- YourProgram.exe arg1 arg2

For example, MySourcePath can be MyProject, if your sources are located in C:\Dev\MyProject.

See Getting Started for more information about usage.

You can also have a look at Command-line reference.

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