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HTML cutomisation: how to change background color

Mar 23 at 12:30 PM

I'm trying to change the background color of the source files.
I read the FAQ and saw the part relative to the html template and check the css file, etc...

I might be wrong, but it seems that the background color is set through "span" attributes and I cannot find a way to modify it.

In particular, I try to change the #dfd green color and the #fdd red color.

Thank you if someone can give me information on the way to go.

Apr 3 at 12:21 PM

Unfortunately, you cannot change the green color and the red color because they are defined in the source code of OpenCppCoverage.
The only workaround I have in mind is to call a small script that does the replacement on the generated HTML files :(

I will try to see if I can do something in the next release for this issue.

Oct 25 at 11:57 AM

As CodePlex is going read-only, I have added Community feature requests

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