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Getting the coverage of entire solution with VS extension

May 13 at 7:37 PM

I'm using the OpenCppCoverage VS extension and i've made a bit of a hack to get it to check coverage of the entire solution when i click run coverage.

In short i have to set up the 'Settings' in a very specific way in order to get it to look at whole solution in one click.

However, when i close VS the settings reset back to default. Is there a way to save 'default settings' that always stay no matter how much you close it down or close the window ect.

Or alternatively, if you can't do that, is there a way to (from the cmd line or similar) import the .cov files to get the coverage visible in the 'coverage' tab in VS (so i wouldn't have to go through the settings interface)
May 16 at 8:11 PM

In Miscellaneous tab, you can use a config file. See here for available options supported in the config file.

Please let me know if it helps,

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