OpenCppCoverage is available as a Visual Studio extension.
You can download it here.

Supported versions

This extension supports Visual Studio 2013 (Community Edition, Pro or higher) and Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition, Pro or higher).


After installing the extension, you will find inside Tool menu the command Run OpenCppCoverage.


Select a C++ project as Set as StartUp Project and click on the command Run OpenCppCoverage. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+R, Ctrl+C.

Project compilation (if needed)

After executing the command, the extension will try to compile the startup project if needed, using the active solution configuration.

This extension supports both Win32 and x64 in debug and release. It is recommended to run in debug and not in release.

See Release versus Debug for more information

Run OpenCppCoverage

The extension runs OpenCppCoverage executable on your startup project.

OpenCppCoverage executes the Command defined in the startup project properties, Configuration Properties / Debugging / Command.

You can define the command argument  (not the OpenCppCoverage arguments) and the working directory in the properties Command Arguments and Working Directory.


Html report

The extension creates the same html report as OpenCppCoverage executable.

The output pane OpenCppCoverage displays additional information about the coverage.

You can use backspace to go to the previous page.


You will have a security warning when opening the html report. It is because the html use local javascript code.

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