Problem with coverage result in if-Condition

Following example should show the problem: class TestClass { public: TestClass(int n1, int n2) :n1(n1), n2(n2) {}; TestClass(const TestClass& input) : n1(input.n1), n2(input.n2) {}; int foo1() { ...

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could not be located _o__intialize_narrow_environment

Hi, Installer for version 0.9.6 installs dbghelp.dll and dbgcore.dll files to installation folder. When trying to run program i get error message "could not be located _o__intialize_narrow_enviro...

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is skipped because it matches no selected patterns

i m getting below error for my project. my module path is is different directory and and for coverage it is taking from C directory. how can i change these module directory path?

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Launching the application through the OpenCppCoverage command takes too much time.

I tried several flag configurations in the OpenCppCoverage command, but they all seem to take over 10 minutes to launch the application. My first approach was to add only the source directories ...

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Limitation for input_coverage

First of all, Thank you for this great tool! I have executed large number of tests and got coverage in binary format. When I try to gather this coverage data into single binary using --input_cove...

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Tests with vstest.console.exe as 64 bit seems to need --cover_children

When I measure Unit Tests coverage with vstest.console.exe for 64 bit I need to add --cover_children to get the intended coverage. The x86 32 bit Version doesn't need the command line option. I gu...

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index.html contains invalid html

<head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="third-party/css/style.css"> <!-- enclosing tag is missing <script src="third-party/RGraph/libraries/RGraph.common.core.js" ></script> ...

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html report editing - avoid alternate lines

Dear Support, I am getting alternate lines in html as grey and white. Is there any way to avoid such lines in report? May be you can suggest some workaround. Thanks! -Abhay

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Title in index.html while using --input_coverage arg

Dear Support, When I concatenate, few reports in one by using "--input_coverage arg" the title is appended. So it create a problem when I have 100 reports with me. Is there any way, I can use c...

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Crash on startup from Visual Studio because of missing FileFilter.dll

Installed the latest (0.9.2) version OpenCPPCoverage plugin for visual studio 2015 After using Tools->Run OpenCppCoverage->Run Coverage, OpenCppCoverage.exe crashes As it turned out, the error was ...

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