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OpencppCoverage difference with Visual Studio Code coverage

Mar 20 at 5:23 PM

I am exploring code coverage tools on Windows, I see OpenCppCoverage as a good one, but also there is a default code coverage option in Visual Studio.what is the differentiator that OpenCppCoverage has over the Visual Studio one.

Also does openCPPCoverage works well with C++ code using SDK like CUDA,OpenMP, OpenCV, has anyone tried it ? any issues.

Please let me know your views.

Thanks and Regards
Apr 3 at 12:06 PM

I never try the code coverage feature inside Visual Studio because it requires the "Enterprise" edition.

Here are some features of OpenCppCoverage:
  • No need to recompile the code, you just need pdb files and source files.
  • You can have a partial code coverage based on a diff file(It is useful if you want to know the coverage of a specific pull request for example).
  • It works well with Jenkins.
  • You can exclude a line based on a tag.
I did not test the libraries you mention but they should work.
OpenCppCoverage is very easy to use so you should give it a try and see if it fit your needs.

Note: OpenCppCoverage produces a better result in debug mode.

I hope this will help,

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